Iron Butterfly Distillery
  Branding/Packaging/Trademark Design
The fruition of Iron Butterfly Distillery came about during the early part of 2021 and remains a local, hidden gem in Portland, Oregon. The distillery currently exists without it's own unique trademark or identity and, instead, gives prominence to their product line— Soda Joy; handcrafted Vodka seltzers with natural fruit flavors and zero sugar or preservatives. It is also important to mention that their seltzers are canned in house and are mostly sold at local farmers markets. In other words, IB is just getting started as far as brand establishment goes, but with their existing community engagement and attractive name, there is great potential for expansion. 
While the distillery is taking strides in emphasizing their craft beverages, I have taken the initiative to expand upon the brand's identity as a whole. Starting with the creation of a trademark and packaging label specifically tailored towards the distillery itself, this ongoing effort aims to carve out a distinct and cohesive brand presence that further elevates Iron Butterfly's authenticity and the joy they bring to Portland. 
Short-term goals:
1. Further research + Connect with the distillery to learn more about their story, current limitations, and future goals 
2. Gather + Edit imagery specifically tailored to fit the brand 
4. Explore possibilities for a custom liquor bottle, molded to match the shape of IBD's geo-butterfly favicon 

Long-term goals:
1. Develop individual packaging labels for the distillery's vodka seltzer product line 
2. Collaborate with local mural artists based in Portland to further strengthen community engagement 
3. Give IBD an official home + The opportunity for tastings, concerts, private events, etc. 

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