Betsey Johnson Trade Show Booth
  Art Direction/Environmental Design
Fashion Designer, Betsey Johnson, is notoriously known for her unconventional designs and use of vibrant colors throughout her work. Her designs often feature punk-inspired elements such as studs, leather, and edgy accessories. Johnson herself refers to her style as “pretty and punk”. Considering she helped launch the American fashion revolution in the 70s, her commitment to bending the rules comes as no surprise. While her fashion line is certainly edgy, it also reflects a strong sense of femininity, flirtatiousness, and lots of pink. 
For this project, designing a trade show booth that stood out from the crowd and interacted with the space was key. Trade show conventions have limited spacing and interactions with attendees are often brief. With Betsey Johnson being a maximalist brand along with the existing spacial constraints, the decision to focus solely on her shoe wear line was an intentional one, after researching some of the designer’s previous trade shows and noticing how quickly the space can become overwhelming. This led to the question of ‘how might we capture people’s attention, quickly, while still being on brand?’ Based on previous product campaigns where Johnson has used props like tires, interior lining of automobiles, and other nods to industrial materials, the idea of a shipping container came to light. And, hell! Let’s make it black because pink would just be too easy. A black industrial-style container would provide high contrast and appear visually striking against her vibrant designs and iconic pink.
Chantal Bacon and Betsey Johnson (1978)
Chantal Bacon and Betsey Johnson (1978)
Neon Artwork by Kate Hush:
Neon Artwork by Kate Hush:
Schematic 1/4: Aerial View
1. Crate product display
Schematic 2/4: East View & Center Display
1. Steel floral sculpture
2. Velvet cushioning
Schematic 3/4: West View & Frame Wall 
1. Graffiti fresco
2. Betsey Johnson Art
Schematic 4/4: Main Entrance & Display Wall
1. Industrial lighting
2. Plywood paneling
3. Pegboard wall
Purrr-fectly Green
Along with the memorability that stems from an unconventional booth design, the materials chosen demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, which is a growing concern in the fashion industry. This aligns with the industry's increasing emphasis on ethical and eco-friendly practices. 
Textures & Materials 
Fixtures & Furnishings

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